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Jolin Tsai’s Singapore Concert April 7, 2007

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Juz got back from Jolin Tsai’s concert (thanks to peixin) held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium at Kallang. Was a great concert and my first one. =) only got to know i am attending today. super impromptu but that’s how i like it.
raine at jolin’s concertraine at jolin’s concert 2007

She’s really pretty and has many fanciful clothes.. there were some reviews that she wasn’t really singing that much though she danced a lot. since i’m much more into her dance and ‘show’ so works for me.. some songs were new to me anyway.. she has this really cute voice and well, she did try to get the Singaporeans high via kallang waves and requesting the audience to stand.. was pretty good with some minor hiccups..

overall a pretty good concert and actually inspired me to have a mini ‘dance’ going for my future wedding (hopefully) and my friend’s wedding (if i get to be invited for the opening dance).. in a casual setting it might be more interesting to see some talents of the bride and groom (e.g. sing or dance).. can’t believe that i’m getting so excited for my friend’s wedding next year.. after all it’s the first wedding (amongst my peers) that i’ll get to attend. amazing! perhaps i wldn’t be that excited after many more weddings especially if i have to attend them alone.. we’ll see.

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1. selo - May 27, 2011

i was there too…that’s a great concert!! Jolin is awesome

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