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Kate Moss TopShop May 4, 2007

Posted by rainelai in fashion, ladies.

kate moss topshop kate moss

Personally not a big fan of kate moss (unsupportive of the size0 phenomenon) but browsing through the recent release of kate moss collection which has brought huge crowds into the london topshops.. i found this white dress pretty nice in terms of its cut and design. for one, i’m not too sure how the non-size0′s will look with the dress.. will keep an eye on topshop SG to see if it hits here though~ not that soon prolly, it’s already in US though. maybe i’ll catch them in japan? think the black dress makes a really cool office wear. =) then again, based on experience, you have to try it on to know for yourself. It’s amazing how one dress can look absolutely gorgeous on one but hideous on another.. different ladies carry off a dress differently and a different feel exudes (known as the style of the woman). what’s yours?

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