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The not-so-difficult Tiramisu Recipe October 19, 2008

Posted by rainelai in Life.
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Had great fun making tiramisu today based on a passed down recipe from frens.. here’s the steps:

1. go cold storage and get more lady fingers (a type of french biscuit), cocoa powder, whipped cream, plastic containers (square or rectangular ones that fits the length of the lady fingers), rum (u shld have gotten from the airport, bacardi is fine but try kahlua if you can), fine sugar, coffee powder

2. dissolve the coffee powder with some hot water but add cold water in too (the mixture needs to be cooled), add the alcohol in after the whipped cream is done

3. use 4 egg-yolk to 1L of whipped cream to 100g of sugar. beat the whipped cream and sugar first till fluffy (machine recommended) and then fold the egg-yolk into the whipped cream together with spoonfuls of alcohol

4. dip the sugary side of the lady finger into the coffee+ alcohol combo and stack the lady fingers neatly at the base with the wet layer up

5. scoop the whipped cream to form an even layer on top, then sieve the cocoa powder onto the layer (beware of potential cocoa mess!) until it forms a nice coat

6. proceed with step 4 and 5 again until the container brim is filled (this usually involves 2-3 layers)

7. put the tiramisu into the fridge and it’ll be ready for consumption! yum!

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